7 South Devon Cows with Calves at foot.

Calving records.  Cow ear tag Number ETN followed by her date of birth then calving date, then Calves ear tag number ETN the Calving code, L1 which means Live calf and unassisted.  Birth weight followed by bull or heifer and the bull breed.

DAM ETN check
 Cow Date of birth
Calving date
Calf ETN check
Calf ETN
Calving Code
Birth Weight KG
BREED of bull used
700 258  08/03/2008 09/03/2014 300 527 L1 43 B Stabiliser
200 274  10/04/2008 20/03/2014 100 532 L1 46 H Stabiliser
500 270  26/03/2008 25/03/2014 200 547 L1 47 B Stabiliser
400 276  28/04/2008 26/03/2014 500 550 L1 37 B Stabiliser
400 269  24/03/2008 28/03/2014 600 551 L1 50 H Stabiliser
700 265  19/03/2008 05/04/2014 700 559 L1 49 H Stabiliser
400 262  16/03/2008 14/04/2014 500 564 L1 46 B Stabiliser


£1200 per pair.  Good young cows that will go to the bull at the end of the month.

IMG_4344 IMG_4337 IMG_4335 IMG_4334 IMG_4332 IMG_4327 IMG_4324 IMG_4322

We are in  a TB1 area so you’ll have the piece of mind that our stock are regularly monitored for TB.  We have been clear for at least 6 years.

Stabiliser cross bulling heifers for sale. Born March/April 2013, ready to bull now.


£1000 each.  7 Good strong heifers out of South Devon Cows.

Breed recorded through Signet.  Easy calving and very good growth rates.

IMG_4348 IMG_4347

In the pictures there is also 2 small late born heifers (June,July), which will not be suitable for bulling this spring.




Follow this link for more information on bulling Stabiliser heifers;


We are in  a TB1 area so you’ll have the piece of mind that our stock are regularly monitored for TB.  We have been clear for at least 6 years.

Aluminium Sheep handling race

Aluminium mobile sheep handling race

Aluminium mobile sheep handling race

£5250 + VAT

Alligator 25 x 5′ hurdles, 4 x 5′ solid hurdles, 1 x 5′ spreader with gate, 1 x 33″ spreader with gate, 1 x 33″ spreader, 2 x guillotine gates, 2 x L piece hurdle supports, 3 way shedding gate.

Easy to set-up and use, up to 250 ewes with lambs.  More hurdles can be added to the system.

We had quite a few extras when ordering this two years ago.

IMG_2701 IMG_2700 IMG_2698

Market trailer / Show trailer / Sandwich trailer.

Farm Shop Trailer, Market trailer

Farm Shop Trailer, Market trailer


£9000 +VAT

Item description

Currently used as a farm shop butchery trailer, but would work really well as a mobile sandwich business or cheese trailer or other.

Specification -
12ft x 7ft body size
Internal headroom 6ft 6″
Side opening on near side 3310mm clear opening
Rear personnel door
Front ‘V’ panel with interior counter
Full length work top on off side interior wall with sink built in and water heater above, including water storage tank and water pump. Work top to be 300 – 400mm wide
Canopy to be approximately 1675 wide when open
Vinyl covered floor with sealed edges
2 x Refrigerated counters with slide out mechanism (excluding any alterations to fridge units within)

Koxka superette serve overs of the following sizes;
1.33m width
1.95m width.
Both have loads of fridge storage under the counter. Excellent counters.

240V electrical installation with 2 x florescent lights and double power sockets
Inbuilt generator compartment on rear off side with slide out external shelf
Hot dipped galvanised double axle chassis with corner steadies
Wheels inbuilt in wheel boxes
Water pump and tank. Hot water supply to sink set into work counter.
Generator compartment
Vinyl floor
Work top front and side, including legs
Refrigerator counter
Extra power socket
‘V’ front panel

IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2551 IMG_2553 IMG_2540

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