Hog Roasts

Slow Roast Pig

Hog RoastStrefford Hog Roasts offer a completely portable solution for all types of events. We use our own home reared traditional breed pigs, and can cater for all tastes. Our slow cooking – 17 to 24 hours – ensures that the meat is tender and succulent.

The traditional breed pigs that we use are slow roasted for up to 24 hours, so that the fat renders down into the meat, creating a taste to die for. This is not your standard 8 hour roasted pig, which is so dry that copious quantities of apple sauce need to be ladled into the baps. A feast you will be proud to serve your guests.

Service includes:

  • Staff to cook, carve and serve.
  • Optional use of Premium disposable plates & napkins.
  • Freshly baked baps from a local Baker.
  • Home-made Bramley apple sauce.
  • Home-made sage & onion stuffing.
  • Equipment delivered, collected, cleaned and sterilized by us after use.

75-100 guest Hog Roast – £600.00 (£500 plus VAT @ 20%)
This is a 35-45 kg half pig that will feed 75-100 guests.

100-150 guest Hog Roast – £720.00 (£600 plus VAT @ 20%)
This is a 60-70 kg whole pig that will feed 100-150 guests.

150-200 guest Hog Roast – £900.00 (£750 plus VAT @ 20%)
This is a 70-85 kg whole pig that will feed 150-200 guests.

Please download the following form for more information.

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Slow Roast Beef

200 guest Beef Roast – £1224.00 (£1020 plus VAT @ 20%)
Our own Hindquarter of matured beef, slow roasted to perfection. This will be cooked so that it will be pink in the center whilst being well-done on the outside.

Service as with Hog roast except;

  • Whole Hindquarter of matured Strefford Beef.
  • Creamed Horseradish sauce and Traditional Mustard.

We will always carve the remainder of the meat off and wrap in foil for you to take home with you.

Please download the following form for more information.

Beef Roasts Booking Form service


Salad Options

Single salad Option – £2 per person
Two Salad Option – £3 per person
Three Salad Option – £4 per person
Choose Your salads from this list

  • Cous Cous
  • Potato Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Coleslaw
  • Mixed Salad

All prices include VAT, except where stated.
Mileage will be charged at £1 per mile.

For more information please phone David on 01588 672 759 or email david@streffordhallfarmshop.co.uk.

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