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Life is full of deadlines; however I don’t think anyone saw the Government announcement that feed in tariffs for solar PV installations would be reduced on the 12th December this year, rather than the 1st of April next year.

We were among many farmers who had already spent thousands on a small-scale electricity production project. Luckily we had just received notification of our planning permission the day prior to the government announcement; it has not been easy,

We have a D.S.O. agreement to put 53kWatts of power through the transformer, but when we had only 20 days remaining to the deadline, the metre company decided that we needed a new metre which would have delayed us beyond the deadline. As a result we have had to reduce our project to 39kWatts. What an injustice; we followed government guidelines, and then at the stroke of a pen they leave us with huge costs if we don’t meet the new time-scale. We may get the metre changed and install the remaining 14kWatts after the deadline, but that will depend on new quotes being very favourable.

Our beef has been hanging since the end of November, ageing on the bone ready for the Christmas trade. In addition to the farmers markets we have started attending Ludlow’s Friday market with our butchery trailer, we have had a good response and I can see a real future for our pitch here.

Our Geese are booked to be slaughtered this week. We take them to William Brisbourne at Nesscliffe. He has hundreds of free range poultry of his own which he rears for the Christmas trade. They will be killed and hung there for 10-14days, before being dressed ready for our collection. We then match them to our customers’ orders.

Meg, Dad’s new sheepdog pup is starting to listen to basic commands. She looks very enthusiastic, but we’re all wondering when her legs will stop growing.

Later this month we scan our ewes, Phil Preece usually visits to do this between Christmas and New Year. I was married to Kim earlier this year and we already have a little one on the way; the 20 week scan is booked for 27th December, so I must remember to make sure Phil scans another day!


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